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Life Pod Premium Shelters
Inground Fiberglass Shelters

Four Person FP-4 Storm Shelter
Approx Interior: 4’x4’x5'

4 Person Lifepod Fiberglass Shelter

Ten Person FP-10 Storm Shelter
Approx Interior: 5’-5"x6"-6"x8’-3"

10 Person Lifepod Fiberglass Shelter

14 Person Shelter
Approx Interior: 7’-2"x6’-6"x8’-3"

14 Person Lifepod Fiberglass Shelter

30 Person Shelter
Approx Interior: 14’-2"x6’-6"x8’-3"

30 Person Lifepod Fiberglass Shelter


Inside View


Lifepod on Display


 Features of The Lifepod Inground Fiberglass Shelter

  • Engineered for headroom, legroom, open space and storage
  • Meets all FEMA and ICC/NSSA standards
  • Horizontal entry with additional headroom
  • All FRP composite, aluminum, and stainless steel construction
  • Made with marine-grade, vinyl-ester resin
  • Natural external marine-grade gel coat colors to blend with landscaping
  • Internal gel coat is a warm white
  • Non-skid, aluminum steps with aluminum handrail – built to code
  • Stainless steel hinges, fasteners, and hardware
  • Stainless steel access handle
  • LED lighting and motion activated lighting
  • Aluminum benches – stationary and folding depending on the shelter
  • Lockable 3-point latching system w/ external handle
  • Entry door, gasketed and sealed
  • Molded in chemical potty / storage area in some models
  • Does not absorb water
  • Will not leak, rust, corrode or breakdown over time
  • Five gallon bucket & safety whistle
  • Molded-in, non-skid flooring
  • Under bench storage – perfect height to store five gallon buckets
    *Not all models have the same standard items and we reserve the right to make changes to standards, options, colors, pricing as we deem necessary and without notice
Web site: www.shelters-of-texas.com