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From Our President

Thank you for visiting our Web site. Many of us know people who have experienced the wrath of a tornado. My father survived a tornado as a boy. His brother was killed and my grandmother was injured. The 1997 Jarrell, Texas tornado claimed the lives of a family related to friends of mine. In May 1999 a series of tornadoes whipped through the communities around Moore and Oklahoma City.

My church worked with local residents and relief organizations to cleanup debris following the Oklahoma tornadoes. The devastation was incredible. One lady told me she was in a shelter with twenty of her neighbors. They listened as a twister roared overhead.

You know the impact of tornadoes. If you wish to know more about tornadoes and the damage they cause visit our Tornado Links Page. Our Tornado Links Page will connect you with key organizations, many of which include high quality tornado related photographs.

Install a Storm and Tornado Shelter or SteelClad SAFE ROOM and be prepared. You will find our shelters and safe rooms are a safe and wise investment. Call, write or complete the online "Contact Us" form. We are anxious to help you obtain a shelter to meet your needs.

G.B. Palmer, President
Storm and Tornado Shelters of Texas, Inc.
Web site: www.shelters-of-texas.com