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Installation Information
About Your Shelter Installation
Every shelter is installed by a professional contractor. The shelter design is approved and stamped by a licensed Texas structural engineer and a licensed Oklahoma architect.
Building permits are required within most city limits. Do NOT let anyone install a shelter on your property without a building permit if your local government requires it. The city has the legal right to have you remove your shelter or require you to get a permit after the fact if you have a shelter installed without a building permit. This is important if you ever plan to sell your home.
Most cities make getting a permit a simple process. The city requires a plot plan of your lot with the shelter location designated on the plan. We will provide you approved engineering drawings if needed. Permit cost ranges from $20 to $150 depending on the city. Most cities and towns issue building permits in two or three days.
Obtaining a building permit is the right thing to do, it is required by law and it helps ensure you are protected and dealing with a reputable firm.
Installation Process
  • Shelter is delivered
  • Location is excavated
  • Shelter is placed into hole and leveled
  • Concrete is poured or placed at each end of the shelter to anchor it and ensure it does not 'float' in the event of high water levels
  • Soil is backfilled around shelter
  • Conduit is connected to 3/4" inlet and stubbed up if requested
  • Insect screen and vent caps are installed
  • Homeowner is instructed in safe and proper use of underground tornado shelter including opening, closing and securing doors
Previous to installation
  • Determine where to put your shelter
  • Call locator service or utility companies to locate underground utilities such as electrical, telephone lines, cable TV lines, sewer and water
  • In Texas, call 1-800-DIG-TESS for location of utility lines. Call your city government for water and sewer lines.
  • Obtain building permits if required
Web site: www.shelters-of-texas.com