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Steel Shelters
Inground Solid Steel Storm Shelter
  • Heavy 10 gauge solid steel welded construction for strength and durability
  • Gas piston-style shock to assist with opening door
  • 6 ft. and 6 ft. 6 in. heights
  • 1/4 in. plate steel floor for solid "feel"
  • 30 in. wide stairway provides easy access and for moving supplies
  • 52 inch high entrance door provides a comfortable full size entry
  • Two handrails along stairway ensure safe entry and exit
  • 12 inch base rails for anchoring and securing shelter with concrete
  • Door chains to hold door open and lock securely from inside
  • BuiltSafe Engineered Ventilation System
  • Slip resistant steps on stairway ensure safe entry and exit
  • Three industrial strength hinges on door for strength
  • Three bolt action door latches for quick locking in emergencies
  • Full length benches welded to interior walls provide seating
  • Industrial strength Hammerite rust and water resistant paint - gray color
  • Front and rear tow brackets
  • 3/4" inlet for electrical access for powering lights, radios and fans
  • Three clothes hooks installed to hang towels, rain coats, etc.
  • Padlock hasp on door exterior secures your shelter and valuables
  • Corner table welded to walls for storage and shelter strength
  • Structural channels under floor (excluding 5' x 6' shelter)
  • Chain receptacle at balance point on top of the structure
Optional Features
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Two bunks on one wall
  • Second stairway entry
  • Welded shelving
  • Interior bulkhead wall and locking doors
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